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TourTask has a wide array of features to automate and organize all of the processes of your tour operator.

Centralized cloud control

  • Always know everything about your company whenever you are, using any device.
  • All information is always up-to-date and live from any location.


  • Create and modify bookings with all information centrally stored for easy overview and management.
  • Add, remove or edit tours, or modify any other information of any booking, at any time, and all prices are instantly updated.
  • Easily and quickly search and find any booking or passenger from the past, present or future.

Client information

  • Store and modify name, email, language, country and phone numbers of clients.
  • Store and modify names, emails and spoken languages of fellow party members.


  • Allow login access to all staff members and providers.
  • Restrict access for staff members to sections of your choice.


  • Interface, e-mails etc translated to a wide array of languages.
  • Translate your tour names, descriptions, and tour components to your languages of choice.

Operations calendar

  • Let administrators and operations staff see any and all activities of your business in the Operations Calendar.
  • Create notes for specific dates as reminders of anything you don't want to forget. Choose to make them either public (seen by all staff members with access to Operations Calendar) or private (seen only by you).
  • Hide empty days to only show days with activities.
  • Show any date range of your choice; years back, or any future dates.
  • See alerts if anything is missing for the tour, such as setting a provider (guide, vehicle etc), defining a pickup time, or entering a pickup place.
  • See if any activity or group tour passenger within the given date range is not fully paid.
  • Hover one activity with the mouse to highlight any other activity for the same booking within the given date range.

My calendar

  • Allow providers (guides, drivers, vehicle owners etc) access their personal calendar, to view any activities they are involved in.
  • Create private notes, seen only by you, for specific dates as reminders of anything you don't want to forget. Hide empty days to only show days with activities.
  • Show any date range of your choice; years back, or any future dates.

Sell tours online

  • Offer your tours with instant bookings and payment online through your own website.
  • Accept payments online with a wide array of payment options available.
  • Connect easily to other channels such as Viator, to offer your tours on thousands of external reservation platforms such as TripAdvisor.
  • Add custom rules that will recommend tours to your clients that have not yet been added to their cart.
  • Add terms that your customers need to accept before paying.
  • Modify specific orders to let customers perform split payments at different times.


  • Create and manage locations that are used as pickup places and/or lodgings for your clients.
  • Store descriptions, phone numbers and GPS coordinates for your locations.

Tour components and providers

  • Tour components are what is necessary to perform a tour, such as a guide, vehicle, driver etc. The actual guides, drivers etc are called providers, since they provide you with a service.
  • Create custom tour component to fit your needs perfectly, and translate them to the languages you have activated.
  • All providers will have access to a personal login to view activities they are participating in.
  • Enter your cost (salary/rental) when entering providers for tours.
  • Pay providers in a user-friendly interface which sends payment notifications to the recipient.


  • Enter tour names and descriptions in different languages.
  • Upload a tour map and an unlimited amount of tour images.
  • Enable tours to be bookable as a private tour and/or as a group tour.
  • Enter different prices for your tours depending on if it's private or in a group.
  • Keep track of which passengers are in which vehicles for the group tours.
  • Easily move or swap passengers between vehicles that are performing the same group tour.
  • Enter what items are included and not included for your tour.
  • List things that are recommended to bring for your tour.
  • Offer add-ons to upsell your tours.
  • If needed, make your tour a one-time tour with a set date and time for unique events, such as for a solar eclipse, cultural festival etc.
  • Specify standard components for private and group tours, which later can be modified if needed.

Shore excursions

  • Achieve a top-notch organization for your cruise ship shore excursions.
  • Let passengers communicate and organize themselves before disembarking to allow for a smooth operation.

Tour execution

  • Print passenger lists for the different groups of your group tours.
  • Providers (guides, drivers etc) receive reminders as SMS messages on the day before the tour.

Tour vouchers

  • Supply your customers with tour vouchers that show essential tour information such as tour name, date, pickup time, what to bring, terms etc.
  • Vouchers will be sent automatically to the client as PDF files attached to an e-mail when payment has been received, as well as a few days before arrival.
  • Customize the colors of the tour voucher to match your company image.

Sell lodgings

  • Add sales of hotel rooms, cabins etc to your clients.
  • Add precise seasonal price information to make sure you are offering the rooms at the correct rate.
  • Have full control of how much margin you want to add to your lodging rates.
  • Reminders in your operations calendar until you have marked the lodging as paid.

Monthly financial reports

  • Easily view detailed monthly income and costs information.
  • Add fixed recurring monthly costs that are automatically added to any future month reports by default.


  • No hidden transaction fees.
  • No fixed monthly fees.
  • Your payments will end up straight in your bank account through your payment gateways.