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Find out how much TourTask will increase your profit, how much it'll save you and how much it will cost.


How will TourTask increase my income?

Automatic online sales

Instant bookings and payments 24/7 on your website give your clients no time to reconsider.

Tour recommendations

Add customized warnings to your clients on what they might be missing out when some tours are not added to the cart.

Added gateway fees

For your online payment methods you can charge your clients a fee to compensate for your transaction costs.

External channels

Offer instant bookings through 5000 channels worldwide with Viator's network.

Great reviews

Being well organized will improve your online reputation, which will increase the demand for your services.

How will TourTask save me money?


Save in substantially on salaries, as TourTask automates areas such as operations, bookings, payments, finance reports and customer feedback.


Avoid having to refund clients due to operational human errors by letting TourTask being on top of things.

What is for free in TourTask?

Business setup

Setting up your business is quick and easy, and the best part - it's for free.

Months without movement

Since there is only a commission based fee, months without movement have no cost.

Customer support

Ask us anything at any time without any additional charge.

Guide reminder messages

Configure free e-mail reminders to your staff the day before the tour. SMS also available for a small fee.

Operational phone warnings

Did you forget to assign a guide for tomorrow? All message costs are on the house!

New features

You will always have full access to any and all existing and future features.


Try out TourTask now for free

  • TourTask is 100% free to setup.
  • You will not be charged until the next month.
  • If you wish to not continue using TourTask, simply don't pay the invoice.

No setup fees or fixed monthly fees

  • No cost when you have no movement.
  • No payment obligations.
  • Great for all business sizes.

Commission based fee of 1.9% → 0.1%

The TourTask commission is based on movement of the past month. Starting from 1.9%, the fee percentage will get lower as you have more movement, going towards 0.1%.


Considered income

  • Only income from tour activities is considered in full.
  • Items that are part of a booking but are not tours, are not charged for by TourTask.
  • In hotel room sales, only your profit margin is considered when calculating the fee.
  • Examples

    Income Fee % Fee amount
    {{ thousandsSeparator(2000) }} USD {{ getPercentage(2000) }}% {{ thousandsSeparator(getFee(2000, getPercentage(2000))) }} USD
    {{ thousandsSeparator(10000) }} USD {{ getPercentage(10000) }}% {{ thousandsSeparator(getFee(10000, getPercentage(10000))) }} USD
    {{ thousandsSeparator(50000) }} USD {{ getPercentage(50000) }}% {{ thousandsSeparator(getFee(50000, getPercentage(50000))) }} USD
    {{ thousandsSeparator(250000) }} USD {{ getPercentage(250000) }}% {{ thousandsSeparator(getFee(250000, getPercentage(250000))) }} USD

    Calculate your monthly fee

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    Enter monthly income
    Enter daily passengers + tour price

    Calculations based on 30-day months.

    Your fee:

    Please enter your total monthly income, or average daily passengers + tour price
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    {{ percentage }}% of {{ roundApproxAndSepThousands(totalIncome) }} {{ currencySelected.code }}


    Monthly TourTask fees are calculated according to following formula, where x is the monthly considered income in USD:

    Monthly fee percentage =
    95 400
    + 0.1
    x + 53 000